Corporate Profile

NX Logistics Research Institute and Consulting, Inc.(NXLRIC)was established in 1961, being the first Think Tank in Asia whose activities are uniquely centered in the field of logistics. Since then NXLRIC has been leading researches and surveys in every aspects of logistics businesses and contributed to both public and private sectors.

We periodically publish Japanfs Short-term Freight Movement Survey and once-in-5 years National Freight Movement Survey (Freight Census), which become key data source for Japanese firms to build strategies.

With its long experience and deep knowledge/know-how, NXLRIC has provided customized research and consulting services for our clients. International market and infrastructure researches, new route surveys, logistics business feasibility study, transport network and inventory improvements and optimization, green logistics are among those services.

Name: NX Logistics Research Institute and Consulting, Inc.(NXLRIC)
President: Hiroshima, Hidetoshi
Message from the President
Established: 15 March 1961
Paid-in Capital: JPY100 million
Number of Employees: 76
Headquarters: Kanda-Izumicho 2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024, Japan

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