Logistics Safety

We analyze and create best-fit safety manuals for your logistics environment; transport and/or warehouse operations. Customized consulting project is also available such as accident-prevention for trucking companies.

Logistics safety consulting services are mainly divided into two parts: one is vehicle driving and the other is cargo handling. Our know-how tells which tasks are risky and likely points of accidents. We deliver such know-how not only thru reports, manuals, presentations and seminars, but also in the simplest way for drivers and workers, who really need the know-how but always busy ? not having enough time to study; use of visual media. This way, drivers and workers are intuitively understand what are the causes and problems, and how to avoid them.

Screenshot of Visual Safety Manual

This CG was made for route delivery trucking company to teach its drivers and assistants how to handle roller-boxes safely.

creenshot of Visual Safety Manual
  1. Wide CG display shows easy-to-understand learning programs.
  2. Instructions are given in bottom box for further details.
  3. Commands are given so that each learner can study its own pace and also repeat it has missed.