Carbon-dioxide Reduction Consulting

Green logistics has become an important part of the industry today. We support how to reduce carbon-dioxide (CO2) from your logistics activities; planning and implementation of eco-driving, multi-modal transport, use of low-emission vehicle and others.

Our services include calculation of carbon dioxide emission in your specific part(s) of logistics value-chain (such as Scope 3 of GHG Protocol) and advising how to reduce the emission that is translated into cost.

General Procedure

  1. Understand the whole value-chain by mapping. Clarify the processes that carbon-dioxide emission is large.
  2. Determine calculation policy, goal, boundary and other rules.
  3. Collect emission amount data based upon set parameters in above 2.
  4. Calculate and analyze data collected in above 3.
  5. List up options to reduce carbon-dioxide (e.g. Carbon offset, Improve manufacturing and/or logistics processes, replacing to low-emission equipment)
  6. Analyze and estimate future trend and make specific recommendation to clients.