Overseas Pre-entry Research and Analysis

The world is said to be “flat” today and it is inevitable for some industries to go abroad. Our experienced researchers and consultants collect, analyze and report your targets’ current situation and future trends so that clients can build solid strategy.

So far, NXLRIC has conducted pre-entry researches in the following countries and areas, “Southeast Asia” being the most requested for various types of clients’ projects.

  • Southeast Asia(Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia,
    Yunnan Province of China)
  • East Asia(China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Russian Far East)
  • South Asia(India)
  • Americas(USA, Mexico, Brazil)
  • EMEA(Turkey, UAE, Egypt)

Types of Projects

Types of research and analysis vary depending upon clients’ broad needs. Examples are;

  • General infrastructure(e.g. Surveys on Ocean/River ports, Airports, Roads, Rails, Warehouses, Material handling equipment, etc.)
  • Local logistics business situation(e.g. Cross-border transport, Cold chain, Warehouse, Fulfillment, etc.)
  • Macro environment study(PEST: Politics, Economics, Society and Technology)
  • Trade data collection, analysis and future estimate
  • Legal feasibility study(e.g. Restriction on foreign investments)
  • Business feasibility study
  • Entry strategy building
  • Implementation support
  • Partner finding and candidate evaluation support

General Procedure

  1. Problem identification thru client interviews
  2. Objectives setting (Goal and timeframe)
  3. Analysis of current situation (3CE Analysis)
  4. Estimate of future trend
  5. Listing up executable options
  6. Provide recommendation and implementation plan

Case Study

Case studies will be added in due course.